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  • DateMay 19, 2017

The hidden costs of doing your own admin!

We all know that our business can create a lot of admin for us but at what cost to us and our business?  I hope to show you what the hidden costs really …

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  • DateNovember 3, 2016

10 reasons why you might need a virtual assistant

The demands of everyday life are exhausting enough for most people, but add to that working to get a business off the ground and running it single-handedly and ‘normal’ life becomes an almost superhuman effort. Most people start their own business because they have a passion for what they do, becoming their own boss to get off the 9 to 5 treadmill, only to find that trying to do everything themselves within their business makes them feel like a hamster on a wheel and can often leave you working 24/7, which is not what you wanted or thought would happen!
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  • DateSeptember 16, 2016

4 simple tips to help you tackle diary management

In today’s busy workplaces it is more demanding and more stressful than ever before; if you are a sole trader or SME then you’ll be quite aware that things can get a little out of hand if you don’t plan properly! One tool has become indispensable when it comes to time and resource management and that’s a well-kept diary.
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  • DateAugust 25, 2016

Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

When your business is growing, you might find yourself juggling too many balls. Going it alone, however, will simply not allow you to grow as you’d like. When you feel you are juggling too many balls; don’t be afraid to ask for help; every business person needs an extra set of hands once in a while and did you know that a virtual assistant could be the answer during such times?
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  • DateAugust 4, 2016

5 tips to help you maximise your productivity!

No matter how you think your typical work day looks, it is important to maximize your productivity and get the maximum amount of work completed with the minimum amount of …

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  • DateSeptember 6, 2015

Why should you work with a Virtual Assistant?

As a small business owner, you want to see your business grow – but you also know you can only work the hours you’re physically capable of working. Listen to …

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virtual assistant in edinburgh lime blue VA sophie armitage
  • DateSeptember 6, 2015

Why a Virtual Assistant is more cost effective than hiring staff!

When you first start thinking of building a team of your own; you may immediately start worrying about all of the costs involved.  There’s also the legalities to consider, contracts to …

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